A Place For You And Your Children


There is something about the stables. The idea of having a birthday or function within the old structure is quite charming and something you are unlikely to forget.

But thats not only what we wish the Stables to be for you, not a one time event but rather a regular haven filled with people who give you great food, good service and hopefully some helpful advice as you relax and become accustomed to the atmosphere.

The Stables is far more relaxed than your average restaurant, just the other day we had a few moms who spent the afternoon on a picnic blanket, while their children played in the water. It was a real mess and we loved it. I remember spending much of my time in restaurants with my sister and her three children, feeling too concerned about what they would do next, stressing whether food got all over the floor. I thought that it would be nice to have a place to go where moms could relax and not be threatened by the sound of a large space for their kids, a place where they could sit strategically and watch their little ones run wild and free. Thats the Stables.

Here they are exposed to more freedom, the way children should be able to play. No doubt when your child arrives at the stables, he or she will have an encounter with a chicken or cat or dog or duck, as it is a home to many animals and a pet friendly space for customers too. I have found that animals teach them things we sometimes can not, one being gentleness when no one is looking, and another is forgiveness.

I like the idea of sitting for an afternoon (if you are a mom who works from home and wish to get out) with a pot of tea and free wifi, while your children run till they can’t anymore. Sometimes we need that time, not away from your kids, but just a break or a chance to let them get on with their own ideas of fun, while we just watch.

At the Stables, we are always wanting to make it more friendly to moms and their families, so if you have any suggestions please let us know in the comments section!