The Knickerbocker Ice Cream Company


One of the Stables sweet treasures, the Knickerbocker Ice Cream Company is a family run business that came into being in 2014 offering the real old fashioned ice cream parlour experience.

Moving from place to place in either a vintage ice cream cart or a tuk-tuk and serving and impressive range of artisan made gelato, ice cream, sorbet and frozen yoghurt which are all created, where possible, from the finest of natural ingredients.

Rated by Eat Out magazine as one of the top Food Trucks in South Africa, awarded the top place in the take away restaurant category at the Restaurant Association of South Africa 2016 annual awards and in 2017, included in a book of food trucks around the world, Knickerbocker has found a home at the Stables Village Market, where you will enjoy the experience that all their mobile units offer but on a regular basis, with a combined menu created with The Pancake Pantry. Quality pancakes with quality ice cream.


From traditional soft served ice cream, waffles, pancakes (in conjunction with The Pancake Pantry), milkshakes and dom pedros to banting, dairy free or sugar free ice cream, The Knickerbocker Ice Cream company has got every craving sorted and it is very hard to remain an adult when stepping up to the parlour to get your sweet treat.

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